Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay?

Credit card payment through Shopify is available for the online shop.

For the retail shop you can pay via Paylah/Paynow or Cash. Unfortunately we do not accept credit card payments at the retail shop.  


How do you deliver?

Please see our delivery policies here!

For Corporate/Event/Group Orders

Yes! We love doing weddings! Please contact us at 96889924 or dancingelephanticecream@gmail.com to discuss the details. Thank you!

The Ice Cream

Is your ice cream organic?

All our ice creams are crafted with good ingredients and contain no artificial preservatives, colouring or flavours, emulsifiers or stabilisers. However, that said, we still do not refer to our ice cream as organic. Although we may have organic ingredients.

Do you have vegan friendly flavours?

We do have vegan friendly flavours! We make sure we list whether an ice cream flavour has
dairy or eggs, or alcohol in the descriptions.

What is the shelf life of your ice cream?

Because we do not use stabilisers or emulsifiers in our ice cream, we recommend that our
ice creams be consumed within 3 months. (Although we’ve heard that most times, it’s eaten within the week.) That said, as long as it was properly stored at the right temperature in the freezer it can last a year - although there may be shrinkage.