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How do I place an order?

​Start by clicking the SHOP tab located within the MENU. Then proceed to make your selections and add them to your shopping cart. Thereafter, follow the steps to make payment. Your order will be sent to us. Orders are usually processed within 2 to 3 days. Additional days may be required depending on the size of the order.



The following methods of payment are available.

1. Cash on Delivery (For COD purchases, please ensure that you have exact change.)

2. Bank Transfer to our DBS account at 003-948926-9

3. Credit Card

Simply choose the method you would like to use from the drop down box in the order page.



Home Delivery

Minimum order for delivery is 2 pints, OR 8 small cups.

Delivery charge is $3.00.

Corporate or Group Orders

Please download the order form here. Email the completed order form to [email protected] One of our company representatives will contact you.

Delivery Areas

All of mainland Singapore and Sentosa.


Delivery Hours

At the moment, we deliver at night, after 7.00pm.

Daytime deliveries may be done, but please contact us to discuss a delivery time.

Corporate orders are delivered during the day. Please contact us to discuss a delivery time.

The Ice Cream

​Is your ice cream organic?

All our ice creams are crafted with good ingredients and contain no artificial preservatives, colouring or flavours, emulsifiers or stabilisers. However, that said, we still do not refer to our ice cream as organic. Although we may have organic ingredients.

Do you have vegan friendly flavours?

After several requests, our ice cream maker created a fruit based sorbet comprising strawberries, oranges and lemons, that is indeed vegan friendly. We now also have a blackberry flavour which also has no dairy or eggs.

What is the shelf life of your ice cream?

Because we do not use stabilisers or emulsifiers in our ice cream, we recommend that our ice creams be consumed within 2 months.